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AgataSoft Clipboard Manager

AgataSoft Clipboard Manager is a freeware clipboard manager for Windows.

Tired of typing the same text several times a day
Tired of typing each time the same user names, passwords, emails manually It is much easier to assign keyboard shortcuts to insert text using AgataSoft Clipboard Manager! For example, once appointed key combination "Win + 1" to insert your email address, you no longer have to type it manually!


Some key features of AgataSoft Clipboard Manager:

Easily assign keyboard shortcuts to your frequently used clipboards texts.

Saving the clipboard history of the system.

Ability to load and save custom templates text clipboard.

Ability to save and load custom clipboard history.



for Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Seven











AgataSoft Hotkey Manger


Tired of opening frequently launched programs using desktop shortcuts or by navigating the Programs menu

Assign hotkeys to the programs you use most often!
It's easy - just use AgataSoft HotKey Manager.

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