How to shut down a network computer?

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro - Help file

Do you know how to shut down a remote PC?

By the "Network" tab you can turn off the remote computers of your local network. For this purpose it is necessary to have the AgataSoft ShutDown Pro program installed on every computer, and also to settle the "remote action" in the options.
For authorizing the remote machine shutdown in the AgataSoft ShutDown Pro program on a remote machine, it is necessary:
1. On the "Security" tab set the "Enable remote action" checkbox.
2. Click the "Apply” button for saving the options.
3. If it is necessary to protect the shutdown of computer from the unauthorized access, set a password by clicking the "Set password" button.
4. Enter the password.
5. Enter the confirmation.
6. Click the "OK" button.

For the network shutdown of the remote machine, it is necessary:
1. On the "Network" tab click the "Scan Network" button.
2. Choose from the list of the computers names, which should be turn off. It is possible to choose a lot of computers at once. The choice of the computers is possible to select using the mouse, or clutching the Ctrl key + click, and Shift + click.
3. After the selection of the necessary computers, click the "Run Action" button.
4. Then enter the password, if you set it on the remote machines on the "Security" tab, opposite the "Enable remote action" checkbox.
5. Choose the action which will be executed on the remote computer, for example "Hibernate".
6. Click the "Run Action" button.


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