How to shut down the computer when it is idle?

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro - Help file

Do you know how to shut down the computer when it is idle?

When the user is away for some time and the computer does not act the signals from the mouse and keyboard, and also the loading of the processor are of minimum-level, then the computer can be turned off by the program.
To activate this mode of shutting down the computer, it is necessary:
1. On the "CPU Idle" tab set "Execute action when user is away…" checkbox.
2. Specify the inaction time of your computer.
3. Choose the action.
4. Click the "Apply" button for saving the options.
To avoid the loss of the non-stored information in case of shutdown, it is necessary to use the Hibernate mode. All the information which exists in the “memory” will be stored on a hard disk and recovered after the Windows start. 


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