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AgataSoft PingMaster Pro

Do you need a simple and powerful tool to monitor your network?
AgataSoft PingMaster Pro is your best solution.

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AgataSoft Auto PingMaster

This freeware program is a small auto ping utility.

It can be used to check your Internet connection.
You always will know where is a problem of your network.
Utility Auto PingMaster has a friendly user interface, so you do not need to run the command prompt window to ping a host.

Key features of AgataSoft Auto PingMaster:

Automatic ping one or more IP adresses or domains.

Inboard trace route utility.

Realtime ping statistics.

Quick view realtime ping statistics in tray hint.

for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Seven

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AgataSoft Telnet Scripts Runner

Do you know how to automate routine Telnet Script Execution?

AgataSoft Telnet Scripts Runner is designed for multiple running of telnet scripts or configs in routers, switches and other devices supported by telnet management.

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